Crafting Code and Culture: Insights on Software Engineering, Leadership, and Creativity.

"Crafting Code and Culture" implies the holistic approach of writing good code and cultivating a supportive and productive cultural environment within the software development process.

In this newsletter, I will share my recent works, lessons learned, and inspirations from the software industry, covering topics ranging from team building to designing systems worldwide. With an emphasis on the importance of the interconnected dimensions of technical expertise, effective leadership, and creative thinking essential for success in the dynamic world of software development.

About me

I am an accomplished software engineering executive with over 25 years of experience in various industries and companies. During my career, I have built and led teams, delivered large-scale products and services, and driven technological innovation.

My approach is customer-centric, innovative, trustworthy, and collaborative. I have led cross-functional teams across geographically distributed organizations. My recent focus includes building scalable SaaS enterprise automation and workflow applications and platforms, including AI, Data, Architecture, APIs, Web, Mobile, UX, Cloud, and CRM.

I am currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TeamSystem and a co-founder of CODAME, a non-profit organization that brings ART+TECH together. I have held various leadership roles, including CTO and co-founder of Lanica, a cross-platform mobile gaming development platform, Vice President of Engineering at Databook, and Head of Engineering at Salesforce and Adobe. In these roles, I successfully built and led teams that developed and launched new products and implemented agile methodologies to drive efficiency and innovation.

I hold a Master of Business and Technology (MBT) from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, and a Bachelor of Computer Science (BSc) from the London Metropolitan University, England, UK.

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Crafting Code and Culture: Insights on Software Engineering, Leadership, and Creativity. Sharing my recent works, lessons learned, and inspirations across the software industries, around the globe, from startups to corporations.


CTO at TeamSystem in Milan and CODAME co-founder, ART+TECH non-profit in San Francisco. Espresso, Chocolate, and Gelato lover!